Module Specifications

  • Low weight: approx. 33g including Dynamixel housing.
  • Color region growing: Up to 15 color regions can be detected in each frame.
  • Detects separated regions with the same color as well as well as regions with different colors (no coordinate averaging, real region growing).
  • Calculates color, center, amount of pixels and bounding box of each region.
  • Image processing runs at 8FPS, 160x120xYCrCb
  • Up to 255 different color areas can be defined in the built-in color lookup table.
  • The color lookup table can be accessed through the serial bus.
  • Built-in, adjustable noise filter allows the detection of both small objects and large ones according to the color, even in very noisy images.
  • Adjustable region thresholding removes automatically unwanted small color regions, freeing place for others.
  • Supports communication baud rate of 1Mbps.
  • Bioloid TTL communication protocol facilitates direct attachment of the device to a Bioloid communication bus.
  • Direct access to all camera adjustments makes it possible to use the device either with auto exposure/white balance or manual settings which is ideal for situations whit constant lighting such as RoboCup.
  • Raw image output for debugging or lookup table adjustment.

Demos and Tutorials: