Summary of New Features:

  • Hardware
    • 2Megapixel OV2640 image sensor
    • ARM Cortex M3 main processing unit
    • Status LED indicates module functionality
    • New form factor fits into Dynamixel AX-18 housing
    • 2 x 3 pin power and data connectors
      • Compatible to Dynamixel TTL interface
    • One 4 pin power and data connector
      • Full duplex UART communication, compatible to ARDUINO and other micro controller platforms
  •  Software
    • Backwards compatible with HaViMo2.0 and HaViMo2.5
    • New Image Processing algorithms added
      • GVG: Shape based processing with Gradient Vector Gridding. See paper for more details.
      • AVG: Fast low-res intensity image output

See Downloads page for documentation and examples.