The PC-side calibration tool of HaViMo products is called HaViMoGUI. HaViMoGUI is an open source software. Its source code as well as the executable can be accessed on: http://sourceforge.net/projects/havimo/ 


  • Connection
    • Supported devices
      • USB2Dynamixel
      • CM5
      • CM510
      • RBC
      • Direct serial connection
    • Works with original firmware of the bridge
    • Automatic port detection
  • Raw image download
  • Camera Settings
    • Live settings view
    • Manual/auto exposure
    • Manual/auto white balance
    • Gain
    • Hue
    • Saturation
    • Brightness
    • Direct register access (can be used for advanced access)
    • Reset factory defaults (avoids malfunctions)
  • Color Look-up Table
    • 3D look-up table view
    • Object marking on image as well as in 3D view
    • Interpolation helps faster color marking
    • LUT view overlays marked colors on the downloaded image
    • Load and save LUT from and to disk
    • Exchange object markings
  • Overlays image processing results
    • Region growing
    • Gridding

HaViMoGUI Tutorial