Remote Maintenance

HaViMo-Cockpit is a browser-based service to access, maintain and observe the functionality of IoT devices. All maintenance functionalities are provided with this software package. Therefore there is no need to access the device physically to perform any adjustments.

The service is developed based on web technology. Users can access the service any time, anywhere and from any platform.



  • Remote Access to All Maintenance Operations
    • Image Capture
      • 160 x 120 x YUV image
      • Overlay with zone data
    • Sensor Eettings fetch
      • Zone Data
      • Image Processing Settings
      • Output Combinational Formulas
    • Measurement Zone Editing
      • Zone Shape Modification
      • Zone Displacement
      • Adding and Removing Zones 
    • Device Firmware Update
      • Encrypted only with Root Access Level
  • Security
    • Password Security Limits
      • Number of Characters
      • Case, Digit and Sign Combination
      • Email Verification
      • Hashed Password Storage in Database 
      • Account Block upon Successive Authentication Failures
    • 5 Access Levels
      • Root 
      • Installateur 
      • Operator
      • Analyser
      • Manager


  • Smart City Products
    • HaViMo-ST
    • HaViMo-PS
    • HaViMo-SC
    • HaViMo-SM
  • Industrial Products
    • HaViMo-O2D


  • License
    • CLOUD
      • HaViMo-Cloud user license: Access to HaViSys web-based cloud storage and analysis tool.



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