Industry 4.0 converter for all types of readout

HaViMo-O2D acts as a bridge for digitising the optical readout of industrial measurement gauges. Using HaViSys OTFIP™ technology, the result is computed on board. Several extensions are provided to integrate the data into the System. Device configuration is possible either locally or remotely, when integrated into HaViSys-Cloud.




  • Embedded computer vision sensor
    • Optical to Digital Converter for Measurement Devices
      • Analog needles
      • Numeric meters
      • 7-segment displays
      • LCD displays
      • Linear and circular gauges
      • Other read out types(1)
    • Non-invasive
      • no interference with device functionality
      • non-blocking: allows further manual control
    • High precision
    • Day and night operation
  • On The Fly Image Processing Technology
    • Realtime performance up to @ 30 FPS
    • Latency < 30ms
  • Low Power Operation
  • Low Band-width Operation
  • Data Connection on Various Media
    • TCP/UDP
    • RS232/RS485
    • CAN
    • IEEE 802.11
    • GPRS
    • 3G
  • Optional Add ons:
    • Remote configuration via GPRS(2)
      • Image capture on demand
      • Zone positions, sizes and thresholds are remotely configurable
      • Firmware upgradeable via GPRS (Firmware Over Air)
      • Web-based software tools available for data analysis and monitoring(2)
      • Accessible from everywhere
      • Authentication in 4 access levels
      • Browser-based platform invariant
      • Data export in Excel format for analysis
    •  Web API available to extend the system and provide data to third party(2)

(1) Contact HaViSys sales office for details
(2) For more information please refer to “HaViMo-Cockpit”​ documentation