Noninvasive Power/Water/Gas Meter Digitalisation

HaViMo-SM™ provides a powerful means to automate metering in smart cities. Using HaViSys OTFIP™ technology, the device replaces manual meter readout and digitise the data to be further used in smart grids.  

The result is computed on board. Several extensions are provided to integrate the data into the System. Device configuration is possible either locally or remotely, when integrated into HaViSys-Cloud.



  • Embedded computer vision sensor
    • Optical to Digital Converter for Power/Water and Gas Meters 
      • Analog needles
      • Numeric meters
      • LCD displays
      • Other read out types(1)
    • Non-invasive
      • no interference with device functionality
      • non-blocking: allows further manual readout
      • installation possible without certified electrician
    • High precision
    • Day and night operation
  • On The Fly Image Processing Technology
    • Realtime performance up to @ 30 FPS
    • Latency < 30ms
  • Low Power Operation
    • Battery power lasts up to 3 years regarding sample rate
    • Solar power add on 
  • Low Band-width Operation
  • Data Connection on Various Media
    • TCP/UDP
    • RS232/RS485
    • CAN
    • IEEE 802.11
    • GPRS
    • 3G
  • Optional Add ons:
    • Remote configuration via GPRS(2)
      • Image capture on demand
      • Zone positions, sizes and thresholds are remotely configurable
      • Firmware upgradeable via GPRS (Firmware Over Air)
      • Web-based software tools available for data analysis and monitoring(2)
      • Accessible from everywhere
      • Authentication in 4 access levels
      • Browser-based platform invariant
      • Data export in Excel format for analysis
    •  Web API available to extend the system and provide data to third party(2)

(1) Contact HaViSys sales office for details
(2) For more information please refer to “HaViMo-Cockpit”​ documentation