Smart City Solutions

Visual sensors are becoming a key enabler in ITS systems, as they are flexibel and can gather a much higher amount of data comparing to sensors based on other technologies. Current advances in image processing has significantly increased the precision of measurements made using this technology. Depending on the measured value accuracies higher than 98% can be achieved. Visual sensors can operate multi-dimensionally without the need to scale the hardware in accordance. For example a visual sensor dedicated to gather traffic flow statistics can simultaneously detect danger situations such as smoke or fire, and also detect cases of sabotage.

However, conventional image processing has a high demand on computational resources, which makes it difficult to meet the portability and consume requirements of ITS applications. Further, the need of higher processing power leads to the complexity of the hardware, which in turn affects the reliability, producibility and scalability of the concept.

HaViSys OnTheFlyImageProcesing™ technology addresses these problems by reducing the resource requirements of the visual sensors to a great extent. Resulting products are small, reliable and efficient in therms of power consume.

OTFIP™ together with IoT and Energy harvesting is an enabler of new ITS application fields such as self contained and mobile sensors. Our technology can be implemented in three main application fields of smart city; smart energy, smart mobility and smart living. High end products for certain use cases are realized as generic solutions to cover diverse use cases.

A single solution for analog to digital video converter with capability of on-board image processing and recognition is HaViMo-SC™. Thanks to HaViSys OTFIP™ Technology, the device is highly scalable. HaViMo-SC is manufactured in Racks containing 8-12 units. Analog video signal is fed to the device via BNC cable. HaViMo-SC digitise the video stream and process it on the fly. Depending to the configuration, results and compressed digital stream are provided on Ethernet interface. Image processing algorithms are capable of detecting objects and measuring quantities.

A short overview of the applications follows:

1- Smart Energy

HaViSys provides a noninvasive solution of digitizing Readouts and integrating them into the data network. HaViMo-O2D™  is a generic hardware platform for converting optical read-outs into digital form. The device is highly configurable to mach all needs.

Still in many electric and gas meters in Europe are electromechanical analog devices. Even new digital systems with LED or LCD displays are without communication ports and can’t be implemented   in other IoT platforms for smart home and smart energy management.

Image Processing algorithms are capable of reading electromechanical, LED and LCD outputs. Parallel human readout is still provided using trans-reflective optical technique. The values of meters can be then reported to a target device or lunched in to the online platforms over proper ports and protocols.

Thanks to OTFIP™ technology, image processing algorithms run locally on the device. This increases the reliability and reduces the required bandwidth of the device. The energy consume of the solution is extremely low, so that the device can run on batteries or solar cells for years.

2- Smart Mobility

The HaViSys history began in this application field which builds also one of our core businesses. Different products of HaViSys address solutions in this field. HaViMo-ST™ is a visual traffic flow measurement sensor. Using HaViSys OTFIP™ technology, the result is computed on board. Several extensions are provided to integrate the data into the System. Device configuration is possible either locally or remotely, when integrated into HaViSys-Cloud™ service. This can measure main traffic flow parameters like Presence, Count, Density, Velocity, Vehicle type (length based classification). Other Solutions such as Accident and Traffic Jam recognition or Variable Message Sign Automation are also realized through this product.

HaViMo-PS™ is a vehicle presence measurement sensor. The product is used to substitute induction loops vehicle detectors. It provides a more robust, maintenance free and flexible solution with a full compatibility to a wide range of junction timing controllers. The device can be configured locally or remotely via HaViMo-Cockpit™. It can also be extended to report the statistics to HaViMo-Cloud™ server for later analysis and alarming. This can realize management solutions including induction loop replacement, adaptive junction timing control, parking Lot automation.

3- Smart Living

In this field we address all applications dealing with humans daily life issues except mobility. Marketing and advertisement, security, authentication, data privacy, heat mapping are some of possible applications.

Realized use cases are footfall analytic systems for human flow through gates or on fairs and exhibitions. This technology makes the most of in-store traffic visible and give comprehensive real-time footfall and shopper insights. Monitoring the number of customers entering the store will build up a picture of customer traffic hourly, daily, weekly, and year-on-year. Real-time footfall analysis can be reported on different devices and will allow you to make business critical, operational and strategic decisions.

HaViSys products offers a scalability to cover large areas with a low cost solution with a low data transfer rate. OTFIP™ technology is a perfect solution for use cases which make data privacy relevant because the images should not necessarily be saved.