Industrial Solutions

HaViSys OTFIP™ technology provides a robust solution to a wide range of industrial measurement applications.

HaViMo-O2D: The Bridge into Industry 4.0

In addition to classical visual measurement applications, HaViSys provides an innovative solution for safe transition of factories and production lines into industry 4.0 standard.

It is often expensive and risky to replace measurement devices in a factory. These are often integrated into machines and their evaluation method has deep roots into production process.

HaViSys provides a noninvasive solution of digitising Readouts and integrating them into the data network. HaViMo-O2D is a generic hardware platform for converting optical read-outs into digital form. The device is highly configurable to mach all needs.

Image Processing algorithm is capable of reading electromechanical, LED and LCD outputs. Parallel human readout is still provided using trans-reflective optical technique.

Thanks to OTFIP™ technology, image processing algorithms run locally on the device. This increases the reliability and reduces the required bandwidth of the device. The energy consume of the solution is extremely low, so that the device can run on batteries for years. Use of solar power is also possible if available.

HaViMo-Cockpit: Remote Maintenance

HaViMo-Cockpit is a browser-based service to access, maintain and observe the functionality of IoT devices. All maintenance functionalities are provided with this software package. Therefore there is no need to access the device physically to perform any adjustments.

The service is developed based on web technology. Users can access the service any time, anywhere and from any platform.

HaViMo-Cloud: Gather, Analyse, Manage

HaViMo-Cloud service provides a powerful tool for aggregating, analysing and evaluating the data gathered from the field. The tool is easy to use and provides a web API for feeding the data to external software.

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