Technology FAQ

When should we use OTFIP technology?

OTFIP can be used where:

  • Low hardware cost should be achieved
  • High reliability is needed (i.e. Safety & Security)
  • Low Power solution is necessary (i.e.  Solar power)
  • Small Data bandwidth is available (i.e. GPRS)
  • Many instances of the sensor are required to cover the area (i.e. Starry Sky Model)

use cases contain but are not limited to the above named.

Can the systems be bought individually?

Yes, each sensor unit can operate in stand alone mode. Grouping and networking features can be enabled additionally.

Can the systems be upgraded for new functionalities?

Yes, HaViSys provides a large set of image processing and measurement algorithms.
Contact sales office for details about your application.

What are the implementable communication ports?

Currently we support the following media:

  • Serial
    • RS232
    • RS485
    • CAN
    • ModBus
  • Ethernet
    • TCP/IP
    • UDP
  • Wireless
    • 802.11 b/g/n
    • GPRS
    • 3G
Is a wireless communication possible?

Yes, Currently 802.11 b/g/n, GPRS and 3G are supported.

What are the minimal / maximal data transfer rates?

It depends to your application, Each sensor node is able to record the data locally and transmit once every while. The duration is configurable. Data can also be transmitted on demand.

How is the energy consumption range of your devices?

Depending on the application,  energy consumption can be as low as a few milliwatt hours. Two parameters affect the power significantly:

  1. Sample rate:
    Device is set to standby when it is not sampling, reducing the sample rate reduces the energy consumption.
  2. Data transfer rate:
    A high amount of power is needed once the device communicates. Reducing the data transfer rate brings the power usage effectively down.
What are the minimal / maximal size and weight of devices?

The smallest device is 20mm x 20mm x 5mm and the largest  is 60mm x 60mm x 40mm. The final size of the device is determined by the casing and optical parts used upon application.

What are the possible resolutions?

Upon the application an implemented algorithms the working resolution is determined. Imaging sensors used by HaViSys products support up to 2 Megapixels. Higher resolution sensors may also be used for OEM/Customised products. 

Do the devices have an online data storage platform?

Yes, HaViSys provides a Could service for data storage and management. The service is called HaViMo-Cloud™. You can access your data from anywhere at anytime. Using data analysis tools you can shape the data and export reports. 

How can I send the data of a device to another service?

HaViMo-Cloud™ provides a Web-API, which can offer data to any authorised service. Contact sales office for details regarding your application.

Can I reload my data on different devices like smart phones or laptops?

Yes, it is possible either directly by using HaViMo-Cloud™ or by calling the Web-API and passing its authorisation process.

Do you have an online data analytics tool?

Yes, it is provided by HaViMo-Cloud™.

Is it possible to control the system from distance?

Yes, you can access to your device, adjust its settings and acquire the data. The service is provided by HaViMo-Cockpit™ and HaViMo-Cloud™.


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